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#CyberMonday is Right for Competitive Change

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#CyberMonday has become the #1 online shopping day of the year – In order to keep a competitive advantage, business leaders must follow these steps to drive a competitive change.

List for Competitive Change:

  1. Know Your Conditions of Satisfaction.
  2. Have a winning attitude – get over your fear and be a beginner.
  3. Know your business and the business of good management.
  4. Have enough money and capital to move ahead.
  5. Pay attention to details.
  6. Build a team that can succeed.
  7. Manage your time better – get out of the way and delegate.
  8. Have the tools to complete the job you promised.
  9. Keep the customer satisfied with your quality and responsiveness.
  10. Compete smartly and power through your promises.

“The Big Idea Chair”

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What can you do to perfect the mood of your company?  Bad mood can ruin a company faster than bad business.
I hear leaders talk about changing the culture of a business, and I say fine, but the most important thing you can do is start by changing the mood.

Yahoo!’s “Big Idea Chair” is a great example of a company using their brand power to reward the members of their community for great achievements.

Patrizio Spagnoletto, VP Marketing Yahoo!, and driver of awareness of Yahoo! Services in US, Canada and Latin America, told me, “For Yahoo! The Big Idea Chair has helped us be part of the conversation around creativity but more importantly given advertisers a top of mind choice to show their (creativity) on Yahoo! itself.”

When you change the mood, you change the attitude and take the right steps toward changing the culture.  Whether it is a big purple chair or something else, mood makes your place and your people feel that the business’ best days are in front of it.

Make your business look and feel ALIVE!


Win the R.A.C.E.

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If you consider yourself a Change Agent, and you understand what running the gauntlet feels like, then you know that you can’t let a few beatings break you.

When I was running the gauntlet, I devised a simple formula that I adhered to which kept me on track.  I couldn’t let the impending beatings I was about to receive stop me from winning the R.A.C.E…

R (Research: Define the program, know the facts, set objectives, define audiences)
A (Action: Plan the program)
C (Communicate that action and execute the program)
E (Evaluate the results)


Most people lose before they even start this process, but your proper preparation in all areas of this process has a huge stake in your success within your whole team.

The gauntlet is not always fair – prepare yourself for these withering assaults by asking the hard questions and considering different perspectives.


WIN by Running the Gauntlet


Attitude Check

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It can be difficult to know where to start; whether you’re entering a new business or company, or trying to re-engergize your own business after hitting a plateau, taking that first step up to the gauntlet will seem daunting.

Sometimes the best place to start is to look within.  Rather than stepping back and looking at what everyone else is doing (right or wrong), look at yourself and ask what are you doing to effect change?  What is your attitude towards the business?  A Change Agent with a great attitude about themselves and their business will infect their company in the same way.

What are a couple of specific characteristics that you require when looking for new team members?  “Positive attitude” and “flexibility”.  Business is often cut-throat and uncompassionate, but would you sacrifice those personality traits to grow your team?  They are among the top search criteria, whether you’re entry-level or senior management.

A Change Agent will always keep an attitude check to make sure that other emotions and problems are not getting in the way of making great decisions for their company.  

A positive attitude as you start to run the gauntlet will make all the difference, and get you out, ALIVE.


Are you ready to start Running the Gauntlet?

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