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Win the R.A.C.E.

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If you consider yourself a Change Agent, and you understand what running the gauntlet feels like, then you know that you can’t let a few beatings break you.

When I was running the gauntlet, I devised a simple formula that I adhered to which kept me on track.  I couldn’t let the impending beatings I was about to receive stop me from winning the R.A.C.E…

R (Research: Define the program, know the facts, set objectives, define audiences)
A (Action: Plan the program)
C (Communicate that action and execute the program)
E (Evaluate the results)


Most people lose before they even start this process, but your proper preparation in all areas of this process has a huge stake in your success within your whole team.

The gauntlet is not always fair – prepare yourself for these withering assaults by asking the hard questions and considering different perspectives.


WIN by Running the Gauntlet


Attitude Check

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It can be difficult to know where to start; whether you’re entering a new business or company, or trying to re-engergize your own business after hitting a plateau, taking that first step up to the gauntlet will seem daunting.

Sometimes the best place to start is to look within.  Rather than stepping back and looking at what everyone else is doing (right or wrong), look at yourself and ask what are you doing to effect change?  What is your attitude towards the business?  A Change Agent with a great attitude about themselves and their business will infect their company in the same way.

What are a couple of specific characteristics that you require when looking for new team members?  “Positive attitude” and “flexibility”.  Business is often cut-throat and uncompassionate, but would you sacrifice those personality traits to grow your team?  They are among the top search criteria, whether you’re entry-level or senior management.

A Change Agent will always keep an attitude check to make sure that other emotions and problems are not getting in the way of making great decisions for their company.  

A positive attitude as you start to run the gauntlet will make all the difference, and get you out, ALIVE.


Are you ready to start Running the Gauntlet?


Are You a Change Agent?

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Would you call yourself a Change Agent?  How do you know if you are?  In order for me to know, I had to learn to become a “beginner” again.

Here’s how you know if you’re a Change Agent:
You don’t sit within your company thinking you know everything.  You take in what is already being done, and then you continuously learn from your team.  You may not agree with everything, but at least you can identify what requires change.  You open yourself up to current processes and you avoid being a roadblock.

I did the same thing when I first started at Kodak.  When I joined the team, I immediately identified areas that required change.  But I opened myself up to the processes, and rather than being the roadblock, I paved the way for development and growth.

A Change Agent is a leader.  You develop a roadmap for success based on your own experiences and from absorbing knowledge from others (your team).  When you know where you’re going, you’ll find that others will follow.

As a Change Agent, you’re always going to be running the gauntlet.  But as a leader, you’ll find that you can build an army to support you.


How do you build your Kred?

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People Browsr’s Jodee Rich explains in an interview why Kred is different than any other platform out there to find your influence.

This is a system that you don’t want to game -  “Humans are really mischievous and crazy, humans can game anything.  But with our score, you can see who’s gaming and you can see how people have achieved their score, and that’s really important so you know who you’re looking at.”

Two ways businesses can build their Kred:

1.  Be clear about the communities they are selling to

2. Find who not only the influencers are, but the outreachers as well.

Click here to get your Kred.


What’s Keeping YOU Up at Night?

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I found this great read by my friend, Brian Solis about one of my favorite topics — CHANGE.


CMO’s are at the Crossroads of Customer

Transactions and Engagements

Original Post on 10/31/2011 by Brian Solis at


Digital Darwinism is the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to adapt. At the intersection of relevance and obsolescence is the ability to recognize opportunities for change based on shifting consumer behavior and the subtle coalescence between emerging and disruptive technology. Businesses must realize that change is taking place today with or without them. And, to what extent varies from company to company. But without an understanding of how technology and society are evolving and how decisions are influenced and made, businesses are either left to make decisions in the dark or change simply for the sake of change. We all know how difficult, if not nearly impossible, it is to change. We also realize that once we do begin the inevitable process of transformation, the distance between where we are and where we need to be is not expeditious in any sense. In the era of digital Darwinism, the journey toward evolution and revolution is in fact, the destination. It is perpetual.


Many of you know me as someone who has championed social media over the years, going back well before the days of the original Social Media Manifesto. This is a time I must implore you to think different. See, social media is not the catalyst for change, but merely one of its agents. While Facebook and Twitter are often the recipients of accolades for their roles in fueling revolutions, we must remember that they are the networks that facilitate an uprising. However, it is repression, angst, injustice, vision, aspiration and hope that serve as the true stimulus for insurrection and progress. Technology plays a part in transformation and it is up to you to learn how social, mobile, real-time, and all other emerging trends are affecting your industries and markets.

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