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Day 7: Mood

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No matter what your age, your business should look and feel alive. Mood is everything. That’s why presentation is one of the key areas change agents attack first to transform a bad mood. Any business can be changed to make a better presentation. In The Mirror Test, I talked about how I like to literally clean a business when I start working there or take it over, because presentation is both the easiest of those areas to change and the easiest to ignore. Personally, I think Starbucks does it right. They don’t just serve coffee, they serve the experience of coffee. Every color you see, aroma you smell, song you hear, quote you read; designed with careful attention to creating mood and culture. Take a look around. What’s something you could do today to change the mood where you are? 


Erin Saxton Named One of the Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners of 2011

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I am proud to tell all of you that my partner, and Senior Vice President of TallGrass Public Relations, my PR Firm, was named one of the leading women entrepreneurs & business owners of 2011!

Own It Ventures, a community-based business ecosystem created for women entrepreneurs and business owners, and New Jersey Monthly magazine will honor the Top 25 New Jersey Leading Women Entrepreneurs for 2011.   These New Jersey entrepreneurs have an estimated, combined impact of employing over 1000 people and generating revenues of over $165 million in New Jersey annually.

Saxton’s extensive experience on The View, Barbara Walter Specials and Good Morning America, gives her an insider’s status that enables her to identify the concepts that resonate for print editors, as well as television and radio producers, and gatekeepers of digital media.

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Click here to read the full press release.



Don’t Squat With Your Spurs On – 27 days until the launch of “Running the Gauntlet”!

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This is cowboy wisdom 101, and can be just as wisely applied to your business mantra:  Don’t squat with your spurs on.  Or translated, never stop selling your company.

Businesses always need to be selling themselves and the changes they are making through everything they do.  It’s just commonsense and not doing it is like squatting with spurs on.  You can do it but it’s gonna leave a mark — and it’s gonna hurt.  In other words, be smart or get stuck.

Whether in-your-face or subtle, targeted to thousands or millions, business-to-business or consumer targeted, off or online, a business must make the effort to market and sell itself or it will die.  That’s the only way to grow bigger.

Selling is not a negative term just like change is not a goal in itself but a chance to build on success to create a bigger future for a business.

Change offers a chance for businesses to see their markets and their customers in new ways—a chance to consider new strategies, investigate and invest in new technologies, invent new ways of doing business, test things, and more.

It’s about opportunity; that’s what’s most appealing about it.

In order to capitalize on these opportunities and grow, businesses always need to be selling themselves and the changes they are making through everything they do.




Better is Better

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The most important message for small businesses and this final mirror test is not “get a tank” but “think and act like a tank.”

Know what your weapons are and how to compete with them.  Know your targets and know your tools.  Most business owners don’t and will never have all the tools to deal with everything on their own—so don’t pretend to.

Bigger-is-better tank-like approaches are almost always fueled by greed.  They are unrealistic, and sooner or later destroy your business.

Think big enough but not bigger than you are.

Common side effects:

  • Spending more and generating less
  • Expanding before succeeding
  • Decreasing profit percentages

The answer is not always a flashier website, bigger media campaign, or newer office.  Make what you have right now better than anyone else’s and build that bottom line with an eye on profit (instead of revenue)—that’s what keeps your business fogging the mirror.




Work Across the Seams of Your Company

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The gauntlet of change is cruel, and change agents are exposed to all of its dastardly personnel.

Since this is the case, leaders need to be seam operators – they operate across the seams of the company.



Two things seam operators don’t do:

  • We don’t get involved in day-to-day processes outside of setting the operating principles.
  • We don’t need to know too many details; we’ve already been through a lot of this before, and we don’t need it explained again.

I tell my team all the time, “I don’t want to know or hear about how sausage is made unless someone died.  I get it.  It’s sausage.  Tell me what I need to know to get things moving.”

Find out what is breaking down within the seams of your company.  Change agents identify problems and then find ways to fix them or bring in people who can.

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