Day 27: Customer Service

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Customers don’t and won’t care about you until you deliver and keep your brand promise to them, and that requires you to do one thing first:  care about them.  That’s why I spend so much time creating programs that directly connect to my customers.  Great change agents know they need to do this, and to do it the way our customers want it, not just the way we want to do it.  My friend Ray Tom echoes this when he “strives to give excellent customer service, which incorporates the focus of making your customer’s job easier.”  So does Ronald M. Turner, CME, president of We Care/HydroMaid, who knows, “The best decisions are made after you look at the problem or program from the customer’s point of view.”



  1. Benjamin Cox  February 9, 2012

    Nicely said. An interesting illustration of this is “omotenashi”, at the heart of Japanese customer service, which involves anticipating the needs of guests and then delivering an unexpectedly delightful experience. Brands that care about their consumers spend energy developing this sense of hospitality, insight, and forethought.


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