Remember Who Brought You to the Dance – 1 Day Until Running the Gauntlet Book Launch!

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Today, on the eve of my second national book release, I am reminded of a popular saying, “Remember who brought you to the dance.”

If you’ve experienced success, chances are that someone helped provide that opportunity. I have no disillusions about this in my own life. There are many who believed in me and invested much in my success. It’s good to stop, remember and thank the people who got you to where you are today.

Sometimes I see big company folk get their material in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, Business Week…  and forget their local media.  What about the guys in your own back yard? When in good times, it’s certainly nice to get accolades from the big guys, but don’t forget who covered your stories even in the bad times.

Why am I doing a book signing in Sioux Falls, SD the day before the national release in New York?

As Shania Twain says, “Remember to dance with the one that brought you…”


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