Are You a Change Agent?

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Would you call yourself a Change Agent?  How do you know if you are?  In order for me to know, I had to learn to become a “beginner” again.

Here’s how you know if you’re a Change Agent:
You don’t sit within your company thinking you know everything.  You take in what is already being done, and then you continuously learn from your team.  You may not agree with everything, but at least you can identify what requires change.  You open yourself up to current processes and you avoid being a roadblock.

I did the same thing when I first started at Kodak.  When I joined the team, I immediately identified areas that required change.  But I opened myself up to the processes, and rather than being the roadblock, I paved the way for development and growth.

A Change Agent is a leader.  You develop a roadmap for success based on your own experiences and from absorbing knowledge from others (your team).  When you know where you’re going, you’ll find that others will follow.

As a Change Agent, you’re always going to be running the gauntlet.  But as a leader, you’ll find that you can build an army to support you.


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