Will YOU Survive the Gauntlet?

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What is “running the gauntlet”? Let me explain; running the gauntlet is a form of torture where a tribe armed with rocks and sticks arrange themselves into two lines facing each other. They then force their capture to run through the gauntlet. The goal: to make it through the gauntlet…alive.

These beatings were extremely severe and the victims often died as a result – and many of those that didn’t, may well have wished they had, as survivors were sometimes executed afterwards…. sound familiar?

If you are a business leader in charge of driving change in your organization, you know exactly what running the gauntlet feels like. Driving change is messy, painful, and resisted by more people than you would expect.

The countdown is on. You have 35 business days to mentally prepare yourself for running the proverbial gauntlet. Each day I will share with you reasons why it is important to drive change, while gaining customers and profits in the process.

It all starts with attitude; summon the vision, courage, and passion, and by all means necessary, survive “running the gauntlet”.


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