A Tweet That Became a Dutch Treat

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A great friendship that formed between a businessman, an artist, and it started with Twitter. 


So many people ask why they would ever consider Twitter for themselves or their business.  I say, let’s change the question and ask, “why not?”  Imagine being the first person to ride a wild horse… and the people who told that person it was a bad idea. 

Back at Kodak, I had multiple screens with Tweetdeck and programs like that so I knew what people were saying about my company and I at all times.  I responded to all of them too – it’s not just about looking at the messages, but engaging in the conversation. 

This past weekend, my team and I set up an art opening at Broadfoot & Broadfoot in SoHo for this great friend that I met on Twitter a couple of years ago.  His name is Gaby Zwaan – but he is probably more recognizable as @gaby407. 

Not only is Gaby a talented up-and –coming artist from The Netherlands, but also, he is great at engaging with his followers.  I have only had to help him with the English grammar in his tweets a few times, but other than that Gaby is completely engaged in his now 60,000 Twitter followers.

Engaging with customers and followers is just as important offline as it is online – if you are not good offline, you will not be good online. 

The small amount of time that it took for me to respond to Gaby’s tweet, has created a great friendship along with some great office décor!

Click here to see pics from Gaby’s NYC opening.




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