Halloween Business Series: The Ring

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The Power of Video

As we learn and adapt to new business technologies, our marketing tactics must also adapt.  Video is extremely powerful:  It offers brands the opportunity to literally speak to their audience and customers.

In the lead up to Halloween, I am reminded of how some marketers can be scared of video, not unlike the killer video in The Ring.  I want to assure you that, if you’re doing it right, video won’t kill you in seven days; it won’t kill you at all.  But what it will do is really make an impact on business in a short period of time.

Marketing has moved from broadcast to narrowcast, and video is a major element in the changes that we’re seeing.  It’s a great way to add further value to your blended campaigns with minimal costs, has the ability to be shared quickly and easily to your wider communities, and you’re able to track responses immediately – this gives you an extra level of information when reporting on the effectiveness of your campaign.

Mood is the main factor in getting your customers engaged – especially in your video.  Let them know what they can expect by interacting with your brand or products.

I remember at Kodak, our customers were telling us that they were opening the product boxes from the wrong end, and ended up damaging the products.  We took this feedback and turned it into a positive angle for communicating with our customers.  We created a “How to Open the Box” video which we put on all of the product boxes directing our customers to watch the video first.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get further engaged with your customers.  Use video – no one is going to die!



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