The Chief of Surgery at iHospital says goodbye to his hero, Steve Jobs – Guest Blog by Ross J. Newman

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About iHospital

Ross J. Newman, is the founder of iHospital®, an Apple repair company expanding rapidly across the country, and an expert on Apple products and technology. Dubbed “The King” of the Apple community, Ross took his passion and knowledge for Apple and created iHospital in 2010 with one basic idea; provide a large range of and services on Apple® iDevices and computers with exemplary knowledge and customer service in a one-stop-shop atmosphere. 


I don’t remember much about elementary school. There was some addition and subtraction, a little geography, a diorama of the solar system and a baking soda volcano. I also may or may not have eaten some paste to impress my friends. These memories are hazy, but my recollections of the bright, beautiful machines that sat on each of my teacher’s desks are vivid.

Steve Jobs had the brilliant idea to make iMacs available to schools and libraries at huge discounts. Those Apple computers that populated my classrooms seemed like magic boxes to my young mind. We saw pictures of microscopic organisms and distant stars and we learned about exotic animals and the mysterious rainforest. It changed the way my classmates and I thought about our world.

Considering how much I loved those iMacs, it’s funny that I didn’t own my first Apple product until I bought an iPhone in 2007. After that, I needed to have them all. (In fact, I’m typing this on my Mac Book Air with notes I wrote on my iPad while listening to my iPod.) My infatuation with Apple went beyond their products to the philosophy of their leader, Mr. Jobs. His marketing strategy of seeding his computers with young children was ingenious, but it was his obsession with improving every product that inspired me.

He simply never stopped innovating. The iPod wasn’t the first mp3 player, but its marriage to the iTunes store rendered all the others irrelevant and saved the music industry to boot. Beyond that, his business philosophy ran counter to every MBA program in the country. He introduced new products in a recession, he gave consumers what they needed instead of what they thought they wanted and he stood his ground whenever someone disagreed with him.

Steve Jobs is the reason I opened iHospital in Atlanta, Tampa, Gainesville and now New York City. I looked at the dingy, disorganized computer repair shops in those places and decided that people weren’t getting the service they deserved. I modeled my stores after the Apple stores and all their bright, clean splendor. In servicing and repairing Apple products only and providing my customers with an experience that could not find anywhere else, I was following the innovational lead of my idol.

Thank you, Steve Jobs. Thank you for giving me your amazing devices. Thank you for giving me a career that stokes my passion. Thank you for giving me your spirit of adventure.


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