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Tip 3: Articles: The Web Optimizing Secret



How does an article help with search engine optimization? Articles help to create back-links to your website. And back-links help your site gain link popularity—which helps your site’s natural search engine optimization.


For example, submitting just one article has the chance to be published by over 20,000 publishers. If you are submitting at least once a week to over 20,000 publishers, there is a good chance you build up much needed back-links gaining more link popularity. In order for you to outperform your competitors, you need more back-links to your site than they have to theirs. Sometimes the sites you are up against have thousands of back-links, so the more articles you submit, the better your chances of increasing your search engine rankings.


So what constitutes an article? An article is any piece of written information about a topic. It may be a review of a product, information regarding a certain product, or general information surrounding some aspect of your site. When you consistently write articles about your website—at least once a week—and include them on your site (as well as submit them to publishers), your content is always changing. Search engines love that. The more content the better.


If you want to write articles solely for search engine optimization, there are several things you need to include. Perhaps the most important features to include are your keywords. With one article, you may focus on one main keyword. Make that keyword an anchor to your site several times inside the article. When search engines crawl through your article, your submission sites, and all the other publishers that you submit to, it associates those keywords with your site. Using keywords increases your site’s rankings and helps your site gain popularity. Paying for article submissions, at least part of the time, may help to increase your web popularity. Paid submissions often allow your site to anchor up your major words in the articles you write. In most cases, paid submission also guarantees your article is submitted. It may also allow you to submit such articles in html format. There are several ways and places to submit articles. Here are just a few resources: (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e)



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