Tips for Creating a Marketable Website (Series: Part 1 of 5) – Guest Blog by Prosper’s Ethan Willis and Randy Garn

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Tip 1: The Two “P’s” of Social Media Optimization


In order to get the most out of Social Media Optimization, you need to implement the 2 “P’s”—participation and promotion.

It’s all about Social Media Optimization (SMO). Many entrepreneurs and business leaders wonder how to jump into this strange new world—and do it effectively. So what does SMO really mean? Put simply, Social Media Optimization is the golden ticket to higher status in searches. The formulas used to calculate your status focus on two basic activities: participation and promotion. Focus on increasing SMO within your site and expect major payouts in the form of traffic. More importantly, expect better quality traffic—the kind that converts to sales.

The first “P“is participation. You need to participate in other networks and communities. This does not mean just joining. You need to rate articles, submit other articles/sites other than your own, and build your network of people.

The second “P”—promotion involves promoting your articles/sites to the other people within your network. You should also promote others, returning the favor. Most of all, promote your communities to build a resource of users and ambassadors for your website and your company. 

More specifically, to boost participation and promotion consider Peer Production News—a way users produce, submit, and rate news. Users decide what stays and what goes. A perfect example of a Peer Production News site is Digg ( or ( What’s so great about Digg? It is a member-rated news site. Members “Digg” and “Bury” stories. How can Digg help with SMO? By submitting articles you boost your traffic. Often people bookmark and Digg articles. Digg allows you to use profiles, search history, submit news, search for articles in multiple ways, “Digg” articles, “Bury” articles, get detailed information about the “Digg,” use RSS Feeds, and share everything easily.

If you’re ready to use Digg to boost your participation and promotion, there are a few keys to keep in mind. You need to “Digg” and “Bury” stories quite often. You’ll want to submit articles regularly. Be careful not to submit every article you write just for the sake of submission. Submit only your best articles or other sites’ best articles, because readership is particular and you don’t want to be “Buried.” To stay atop the Digg, use sexy titles—the kind that attract visitors without misleading them. If you find a formula or a topic that pays off, try to find new ways of replicating the success. Keep abreast of topics that seem to draw attention from readers and rank highly on any Peer Production News organization you join. By linking to these, commenting intelligently on them, and subtly bringing attention to products or services on your site at the same time, you’ll boost your ranking in search engines—and ultimately, your traffic.

Check back tomorrow for tip #2!


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