Steve Jobs, Go Fog Yourself!

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There are no questions as to the importance Steve played in the development of the iconic brand, Apple and the success he created for himself and his company. The question for business owners and marketers, is what did Steve do differently than the rest of the pack to fight to the top?… and stay there? He Fogged the Mirror that’s how, and he fogged it again and again.

In my book, The Mirror Test, I defined that the critical component to making your business grow is to get to the basics, because as all things in life, everything is simple, but never easy to do. The key is to know what is important to your business, and spend your time feeding those components like a tour guide feeding sharks on a boat ride. Because why did the tourists enjoy the boat ride? Not because of the color of the boat or the size of the engine…Hell no…Because there were frickin sharks eating flesh next to the boat, and that’s exciting as S@$&!!!

Steve Jobs understood the components to fogging “The Mirror” and keeping the sharks fed. Because here is the road map to Steve’s much deserved success. Great job Steve.

Think BIG act BIGGER

“I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard on something, but working on Macintosh was the neatest experience of my life.”  – Steve Jobs, 1985

Success is earned through sweat, blood, and tears and if you ‘re not willing to take the punches and do the work, get the hell out of the way.

How did Jobs think BIG and act BIGGER? He didn’t dream of building a fancy computer. He believed in creating technology that is easy to use and beautifully designed, and built products that sell themselves because of it. He defined a culture.

Drive Change

Then he went on to invent multiple generations of the touch-based iPhone, iPad, iPod, among many others.  Jobs is reinventing the next new thing while rapidly and magnificently improving each product currently produced.

Together, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak drove the change needed in your company.  They created the tension that change agents need to create.  What can you do to make your product, your business, and yourself better everyday?

I know what Apple, Inc. did, they became the leader and creator of the best products that defined the future of mobile media and computing devices.

Then Step and Repeat.

When you figure out the components to keep your mirror fogged. Great, now keep doing it consistently, and who knows, you will be the next Steve Jobs.






  1. Andy Cash  October 6, 2011

    So, farewell then Steve Jobs. You were the Apple of many an eye. His death didn’t come as a surprise but the reality has still come as a shock to many, judging from the heartfelt tributes evident on many a blog and site. What stays with me most about him is he said, like others, you have to love what you do. That’s his legacy for me.


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