How to Harness the Power of Positive Deeds

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Being involved in something – anything – can have a big payoff.  Sometimes all it takes is an offer – don’t wait for others to ask you.  Set up your participation as a win-win – exposure for the event in the community and broader reach for you.  I see great value for a donation of some time and a service that costs pennies.  I make sure my logo is printed on all the event materials.  I want everyone to know I am involved to set up my next step: selling it myself.  Talk about the event everywhere – church, your business, the gym, the grocery store, etc.

Next, offer to scale up your presence and do more.  Be the spokesperson for the group.  With investment of time and very little money you can become the go-to person for the event.  Scale the opportunity to your company’s advantage.  Let the larger companies spend their zeroes while positioning your little company as one of the big dogs.

Take control of what you can control and have fun with it.  Succeed or fail – take responsibility.  Never be afraid to ask for help – and never forget the people who have helped you.  Whether you’re looking in the mirror for the first or fiftieth time, ask yourself, “How will I give back? What will my legacy be?”

While you’re building that legacy, strive to be thoughtful, considerate, and likable every step of the way.  Build trust and affinity with everyone you work with and meet.  Think of everybody as a part of your team.  Involving yourself in something cannot be done half-heartedly – throw your whole self into it.  Do this and people will notice.



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