Need for Speed – How to 118 Pitch Your Blog

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More than ever, technology has made things move faster and has increased the need for speed and immediate relevance in pitching.  How are you going to be the treasured story in a book of empty words?

Here’s where I say, enter the 118 pitch!  This concept is quickly becoming one of the most popular concepts of my bestselling book, The Mirror Test.  The 118 pitch is the 21st century version of what some people still call the elevator pitch, an out-of-date name for the worthy idea that you need to sell your idea in the span of an elevator ride.  It comes from the 118 seconds you actually have to pitch: 8 seconds to hook me (the average attention span of an adult) and up to 110 seconds (the average elevator ride in New York) to drive it home – less than two minutes with only seconds to spare.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Identify who you are to your “listener”
  2. Concisely tell them about your unique value proposition
  3. Make the sale. (State why people should follow your blog!)

You’re creating your 118 pitch. The next step is to practice it so that you can say it with confidence and flair.

Think about what would catch YOUR attention.  Craft phrases so that they stir interest. Your 118 pitch will more likely be remembered when the listener returns home to search for YOUR blog on the internet. And last, sell! Get out there and deliver your blog’s 118 pitch to everyone you meet!

I would like to leave you with a great example:

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