Have fun and Win!

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After a great week of team meetings in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, The Hayzlett Group members will disperse back to their designated areas of the country taking away a notebook full of scribbles, diagrams, and new ideas. While this week was about learning new ways to accomplish our external goals, it was also about having fun and improving our team chemistry internally.

We kicked the week off with a competition between members of our company and it showed the endless amount of possibilities, excitement, and intelligence that we embrace. The expectations of their level of work reside within these collaborative competitions.

Winning in business cannot happen without having fun while doing it. I believe that our openness and energy amongst the group came from our ability to respect the company of each other, at both the business and personal level.

Our week included a few “firsts.” First time to shoot a gun, first time to ride a horse, and the first time to realize just how flat the state of South Dakota really is.

As the 4th of July approaches, don’t be afraid to ride away on a horse because it is these experiences that you learn from and can ultimately spark creativity and inspiration for things that you may not have been able to solve without it.

Here are a 7 ways to have fun and grow your business this summer:

1. Take your team off-site for a day. Inspiration does not happen in a cubicle.

2. Take time to acknowledge your successes, while finding resources for further that success.

3. Ask the team member that you know least to collaborate with you on your next project

4. Present your challenge to a child of your own, or one that you may know.

5. Ask yourself how you would be able to accomplish your goal in half of the amount of time.

6. Ask questions that you believe to have no possible answer – then brainstorm until you find the answer.

7. Create a sense of urgency among you and your team by holding competitions.

Have fun this weekend and don’t let your kids, or anybody else light ALL of the fireworks!


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