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Tyler Hayzlett, Business Manager for The Hayzlett Group

Father’s Day marks a moment to reflect on the moments and memories shared between father and son.  For as long as I can remember, the memories with my father, Jeff, and I are cloaked in camouflage and cold mornings hunting in South Dakota.  Hunting continues to be a binding adventure for my dad and I as we take on the Dakota Territory.

Many days were also spent driving to and from the family farm to take care of the horses.  Although this is sometimes a daunting task, the horses are “a part of the family” and have always been an exciting addition.

More relative however are my experiences surrounding what I have learned from Jeff’s incredibly BIG business mindset.  Jeff has a way of making everything simple, but BIG.

The main things I have learned living alongside Jeff are as follows:

Hustle. You don’t need to be the smartest guy in the room; you just need to work twice as hard as the guy who is.

118 pitch. If the person you’re pitching your business to doesn’t know what you do and why they need to care within 118 seconds, you’re wasting their time.  Also, less is more.  Get to the point, make your impression and the rest is just details.

Step and repeat. Create a business platform and alongside that platform, a network of highly connected professionals.  Then, repeat your business model as many ways as possible.  Leverage everything!

On Father’s Day 2011, spend time reminiscing, but also, keep in mind your parents have a lot to teach you.  Learn everything you can from them and share it with others.


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