2 in 1: Father’s Day and Miss USA

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Lindsey Hayzlett, Publicist for The Hayzlett Group

Not only is it Father’s Day today but its The Miss USA Pageant as well. As Publicist for The Hayzlett Group, I’ve been fortunate to work with The Miss Universe Organization for the last several months. So today is the culmination of hard work and dedication, qualities I learned from my parents, Jeff and Tami.

I wanted to write this guest blog as a tribute to my dad, without whom I wouldn’t be where I am today (not only in Las Vegas at the pageant), but personally and professionally.

Being the daughter of a “larger than necessary man” leaves big cowboy boots to fill. I speak my mind (never know WHERE I got that trait), which has resulted in being fired by Jeff a time or two. If you ask me, technically I’ve never been fired, because I was appointed Vice President of Hayzlett & Associates when I was born. It’s become our standing joke!

My fondest memories with my dad are going to The Oscars and his book tour for “The Mirror Test”. We survived a 2-month book tour, staying in the same hotel room, working 20-hour days. It was quite the road trip!

The biggest lessons my father has taught me include:

Throw myself in the fire. I owned my own businesses and  attended business conferences because he always said that  the best way to learn was by doing. He says “ready, fire, aim” in  order to keep moving forward. Test something, then go out and do it.


Not to worry about what others are doing or saying.  He always told me to rise above.  Go and do.  Keep moving. While the opinions of others matter to me, it cannot stop or change how I live my daily life.


Consistency, persistence, and follow-through. This will build me the strongest relationships and credibility, which ends up with results.



The man who taught me how to write a business plan when I was 10 is still #1 in my life.  I have loved being involved with him in The Hayzlett Group. I am thankful for his belief in me to help the Miss Universe Organization, and other companies grow to be the best they can.

Be sure to watch as Miss USA is crowned this evening.  This year, ( for the first time ever!) your vote counts! Vote for the next Miss USA at




  1. Julie Skrzypek  December 30, 2011

    I stumbled upon this while trying to find a current address for your folks! It is a wonderful tribute to your dad but also to the kind of young woman you are!


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