Top 3 Tips for Bloggers (From a Cowboy’s Perspective)

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If you are thinking about blogging on a topic that you don’t know much about, DON’T DO IT.  I see way too many people in the blog world that are trying hard to write on a topic that they think other people will want to read.  Truth is, if you are interested in it, then others will be interested in it as well.  Like all areas of social media, I talk about radical transparency, which applies to writing your blog as well.  Being transparent is being true not only to yourself, but to your readers as well. Write your blog so that you would actually be interested in reading it.  If it is boring to you, then it will most likely be boring to others.

Things to remember when writing your blog:

  1. Do your research! Know the goods that you are putting into your blog.  If you think you know a topic, you probably don’t and there is someone out there that knows it better than you.  Read articles and other blogs about your topic before putting your words out there.  I always say that passion is not a substitute for planning, and planning out your blogs will make all the difference in being knowledgeable and credible to your readers.
  2. Be creative and have fun. If someone is going to spend time reading your blog, then make sure that it is going to leave them thinking. This goes back to what I said in the first paragraph – if you are having fun writing your blog, then the reader will have fun reading it.  With the raging business of schedules nowadays make sure that your writing leaves an impression so that readers take the time out of their day to purposely read your blog.
  3. Be Relevant and timely. If you have an opinion, then get out there and make noise.  Push the envelope and cause tension when writing your blog.  This will cause you to become a thought leader and your readers will look to your blog for the best advice on newly developing topics.


Everyone has a choice of whose blog they are going to follow and figure out what it is about you that will make others want to read on.



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