Top Tips to Make Your Book a Bestseller

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It’s a big month here at The Hayzlett Group. Amid the usual fast pace, celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of “The Mirror Test” and this week it is now available in paperback.

It’s a full circle moment, one where I know I’ve met my conditions of satisfaction.

So how can you leverage your own book to best-seller status? Here are a few tips and tricks we used to make “The Mirror Test” a success.

1. Know your conditions of satisfaction.

Simply defined, “conditions of satisfaction” is business-speak for the criteria used to measure the outcome of a plan or project or contract.

They help you stay focused, to know where you want to know and how to get there. If you’ve read my book, you’ve seen mine and how straightforward—how focused they are:

  • Build wealth
  • Grow professionally
  • Have fun!

2. Ask your friends for help.

I have a list of 12 things I asked family and friends, close colleagues, people I’ve done business with and anyone who supports me to do. Everything from word-of-mouth to social media tools are great ways to get the word out.

3. Network, like crazy.

Be real, be genuine and be there—anywhere and everywhere. Take a risk, think big and act bigger.



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