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Seems like everywhere you go you see or hear something about Charlie Sheen. Whether it’s on TV, the magazine stand or at your local coffee shop… everyone is talking about Charlie Sheen. How did he in less than twenty-four hours go from zero to over a million twitter followers?

It’s human nature to be curious. Everyone is interested in knowing what Charlie is up to. And, he’s done a great job of using social media to get the word out. Being curious myself, I thought it would be interesting to see what a representative sample would say when asked the question – “Do you believe Charlie Sheen will make a comeback”?

I enlisted Itracks, a world-leading marketing research company that provides its customers with insights for growth via its innovative suite of online applications and insight analysis to do a poll. The poll was taken between March 7 and 9 and a total of 237 participated in the poll. There is a margin of error +/- 3%.


Sample Results:

Yes (1) – 47.26%

No (2) – 52.74%


I was actually surprised at the results. Pretty much split decision. I think it really doesn’t come down to whether Charlie Sheen actually makes a comeback or not. It has to do with his reputation and whether or not the public will continue to embrace him.

When it really comes down to it, reputation and integrity are all you have. And, I believe the foundation for ones self is ingrained at an early age. For myself, I grew up in a military family. We moved to a different base every year or so and it forced me to determine “who I wanted to be” at an early age.

I remember walking down the street in my neighborhood, going door-to-door, selling “True Grit” – a national, monthly publication that was popular in the 1960’s and 70’s. It taught me a lot about tenacity, rejection and the value of a buck. This laid the foundation for who I am today.

I believe the reason so many people are obsessed with Charlie Sheen and his antics is because it makes people feel better. It makes us all say life is pretty good. And, I agree with that. Life is good. So, let’s all go out and make it great!




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