Don’t Be Blind to Opportunity

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Some say they never know when an opportunity is going to arise.  That is true. But, you do have the ability to be in control of your opportunities – even the unexpected ones.  I say one of the best things a business leader can do is to be in a constant sense of awareness.  Be open to the things around you that you might now know about.  One of my favorite sayings is, “I don’t know what I don’t know” so by being in a sense of awareness I am willing to be a beginner and open to all kinds of possibilities.

Opportunities will not always come with the presence of a video camera and microphone.  Don’t miss an opportunity just because you are blinded by the array of opportunities.  The Internet today brings an array of different ways to increase your visibility.  But, don’t get ahead of yourself! I always say “crawl, walk, run”.  Start off in places that you feel comfortable and then get a move on to those that challenge you.

I choose to make myself available to opportunity.  If there is an interview opportunity, I take it.  If someone wants to have breakfast, I go. Who doesn’t like to eat? I also initiate opportunities when there is no opportunity.  If there aren’t any, I ask “why?”, and make sure there is never a shortage of opportunities again.

Sometimes successful business owners think they are really big stuff.  I have always found out there is someone bigger out there.  No matter who you are.  I am constantly reminded of that— while at SES, I had someone reach out to me about wanting to meet, he flew in from another country.  He mentioned they were a very small startup and I was thinking, “why waste my time?” but then I heard that voice that said, “you were small once and just starting out so meet”— I mean its only a breakfast.  Well, he turned out to be part of a bigger, much bigger , with 100s of millions in revenue — billions actually from various operations.  We hit it off and he called his CEO who flew in from Germany then next day, I met him on the way to the airport and we are going to do a lot o business together.

Opportunities come to you in all packages and at all times—-  be open to them … I mean its only a breakfast and you have to eat right?

Always be ready to seal the deal. You never know when the perfect opportunity will present itself. For me, all I need are my cowboy boots and I am ready.

Figure out what it is that drives you to be ready.






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