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What are you doing to help other people?  Now, how are you doing it?  I think that Oprah put it best in her speech at the 2010 Women’s Conference, when she said, “…none of us do the work we do to receive recognition, but it feels really good.”  She was one of five Minerva Award winners, which recognizes women and the work they are doing for others.  (Click here for videos of speeches, and other information

In order to be successful in the work you are doing for others, you have to be successful in the work that you are doing for yourself.  Having a network of support can aid you in that process.  Not often do we hear the words, “men’s conference”, but the words “women’s conference” bear more familiarity.  People enjoy doing this, they like to talk in groups and tell each other what they are doing, and then join in with others that share the same interests.

When I was CMO at Kodak, we had quite a few networking and support groups, just like any other large corporation.  I just happened to be the corporate sponsor of the Women’s Forum, and carried the name “Women’s Champion” around the Kodak offices.  Because about 75-percent of the people reporting to me were women, I was around them quite often.  I was able to help each woman look at herself and grow as a leader.

The growth was accomplished through openness.  Open questioning, open thoughts; these were conversations and ideas that didn’t happen throughout the everyday work processes.  Leaders were brought in to meet with the Women’s Forum for breakfast or lunch.  A couple of these leaders were Linda Sawyer, CEO of Deutsch Advertising, and Jackie Hernandez, COO of Telemundo.  As established leaders, these women would answer questions, and lead the group toward their internal and external growth.

Use the resources that you already have to accomplish your goals.  These goals can include simple day-to-day tasks, or even a Minerva Award at the next Women’s Conference.  You already have a network, so use that natural network to expand your business development and make a high impact on your personal leadership.


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